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Russia and Ukraine have established a joint engineering center

Russia and Ukraine have established a joint engineering center

Russia and Ukraine have established a joint engineering center for development and production of aircraft engines, Vzglyad reports with reference to the president of Motor Sich (Zaporozhye, Ukraine), Vyacheslav Boguslaev. According to him, the following companies have established the center: Motor Sich (Ukraine), Ivchenko-Progress (Ukraine) and United Engine Corporation (Russia). The parties own 49% and 51% shares respectively. At present the center is being registered in Moscow. The center’s program includes submission of applications for certification of the newly developed aircraft engines. The partiers will own the certificates on a parity basis. The cooperation for production of the developed engines will be approved by the Board of Directors. The distribution of roles and responsibilities will be determined on the basis of investments made by each party during development of the engine. At the same time the distribution of costs related to development of the new engines to be certified will be considered and defined by the Board of Directors. The idea of establishing the engineering center is connected with the loss of “engine-building capital” status by Moscow due to closing down of many design bureaus, the president of Motor Sich noted. «Our mission is to create a basis for development made of the “pieces” of those design bureaus, establish a Moscow cluster of this engineering center, - Boguslaev said. – Our goal is to develop and manufacture new aircraft engines together». Representatives of UEC have already selected 8 new engines, which are being developed in Zaporozhye, for their further certification and production in the network of the joint engineering center.

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