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Avcom customers are offered aircraft-only hire within Russia

Avcom customers are offered aircraft-only hire within Russia

Russian air charter, maintenance and FBO company Avcom is promoting its Jet Travel Club, which allows its members to use JTC private aircraft for private travel inside Russia on rental terms very similar to standard car rental schemes. The first JTC flight was operated from Moscow to St Petersburg and back during January using a CitationJet. Qualified crew are available for JTC aircraft operations, but members are also able to use their own pilots, provided they meet JTC and Russian aviation authority requirements. The JTC fleet consists of three CJs with Garmin 1000 modified avionics available for private use only, and three 125-700s which are available both for private and commercial operations. All JTC aircraft are registered in Russia and have no limitations for flight operations between Russian domestic points, which is a traditional 'cabotage' permit headache for foreign aircraft owners and operators in Russia. Domestic ATC charges, airport rates and fuel prices are also heavily discounted for RA-registered aircraft. "Travelling privately by JTC rented aircraft and paying all airport and handling charges directly, JTC members can save up to 35 per cent of expenses," the company says. "JTC member expenses for CJ operations are equal to three business class airline fares on any up to 1,000nm sectors, giving all the advantages of business aviation for free." There are three JTC membership card types, allowing different levels of access to services. The fleet is based at the Avcom-D FBO in Moscow's Domodedovo airport, which is open 24-hours for business aircraft operations without any slot limitations. "This private travel programme is an invaluable business tool for managers and directors of a wide range of enterprises who deal with Russian regional business, and who frequently have to fly to Russian domestic points where airline service is rare or insufficient," says Evgeny Bakhtin, Avcom Group's chairman. "Private travel on JTC aircraft really saves time and money for the member."

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