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ExecuJet Activity in Middle East Increases

ExecuJet Activity in Middle East Increases

ExecuJet is reporting strong aircraft sales, additional new managed aircraft joining the fleet based in the UAE, and a significant increase in its Fixed Base Operation (FBO) activity, at this year’s Dubai Airshow. Marking its 12th year in the Middle East, ExecuJet has consistently been a noteworthy participant at the bi-annual event. “Aircraft sales in the region have been positive with a number of aircraft being delivered recently. Our current areas of focus are the CIS countries and Saudi Arabia,” said Andrew Hoy, Managing Director, ExecuJet Aircraft Trading. The market for private jets in the region is well established and continues to expand with a growing trend towards larger aircraft which have a global range. Saudi Arabia has the largest share of the private jet market, closely followed by the UAE. In terms of heavy metal onnage, few countries beat Saudi Arabia owing to the large number of Boeing Business Jets, Airbus Corporate Jets and larger jets that are privately owned and operated,” Hoy explains. ExecuJet’s FBO in Dubai has witnessed a 20% increase in aircraft movements compared with the same time last year, handling an average 300 movements per month. November and December are predicted to be even stronger compared with this period last year. All countries in the region have been very active, but Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been notably busy. October 29th saw one of the busiest days in the FBO’s history when it handled a record 31 flights. In addition, the company is launching a new turnkey package that includes aircraft financing options - called SimplyFly. The programme ensures simple, transparent and predictable processes that transcend many of the commercial risks and complexities of aircraft ownership and operation. SimplyFly is also tailored to those who have to date stayed away from jet ownership, or gravitated towards fractional ownership programmes, in order to avoid the complexity and burden of aircraft financing. Launching SimplyFly at the Dubai Airshow today, ExecuJet CEO Niall Olver explains: “ExecuJet now has a fund available for non-recourse financing, both on and off balance sheet. This capability has been combined with our aircraft sourcing, management and operations services into a single integrated product, and makes us unique in meeting a long apparent market demand. True, non-recourse finance is a rare product and we trust this will ensure that ExecuJet continues to stay one step ahead in the industry.” In addition to sourcing the aircraft and providing financing, the client will benefit from ExecuJet’s expertise as the company will manage and operate the aircraft as well. ExecuJet will operate the aircraft under one of its seven Air Operating Certificates (AOCs), arrange maintenance and technical support and provide all the fixed base operations (FBOs) and ground handling services. If so required, ExecuJet can also encapsulate ownership, operating costs and risks into a cost model whereby monthly costs, hourly rates can be fixed, and along with limited variable costs these can be on charged on a monthly basis. “We are proud to announce that ExecuJet will be a leader in combining all private aviation services in the form of a full aircraft lifecycle ownership program that truly benefits our clients with a simple, transparent effective and efficient solution” Niall Olver adds. Clients signing up to the programme will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of ExecuJet based on its global reach, stellar safety record and the extensive capabilities of its numerous regional locations around the world. “We will ensure that you have the right aircraft for your mission through sourcing, financing, managing operations and maintenance,” Andrew Hoy, Managing Director of ExecuJet Aircraft Trading explains. “SimplyFly navigates the world of corporate aviation effortlessly with a turn-key solution that leaves you free to enjoy the aircraft and wherever it takes you.”

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