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Acropolis Airbus ACJ319 is exhibited for first time at NBAA

Acropolis Airbus ACJ319 is exhibited for first time at NBAA

Acropolis Aviation’s Airbus ACJ319 is being exhibited for the first time at the NBAA show, giving visitors the chance to see a designer interior in what is the widest and tallest cabin of any business jet, existing or planned. The stylish look of the Acropolis Airbus ACJ319’s cabin was created by the Alberto Pinto design company, with cabin-outfitting by the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC). The aircraft seats 19 passengers, in around twice the comfort, space and freedom of movement of traditional business jets of similar external size. “With a hugely better cabin than traditional business aircraft, Airbus corporate jets can carry larger groups, as well as delivering a better environment for work and relaxation, which is why they are the new top of the line in bizjet travel,” points out Airbus COO, Customers John Leahy. “So whether you’re a company executive, a high net-worth individual, or a senior government official, you’ll always have a better ride in an Airbus corporate jet,” he adds. Airbus corporate jets are derived from the world’s most modern airliner family, giving them unmatched passenger appeal, efficiency and reliability. They are the leaders at the top-end of the market, where they consistently win more orders and register more deliveries. Their success is built on a culture of innovation, which brings a continuous flow of worthwhile technological innovations that keep the Airbus aircraft family young and growing, as new versions and models are introduced to satisfy the world’s air transport needs. Airbus corporate jets are the only ones flying on every continent, including Antarctica, highlighting their versatility. And with some 450 Airbus customers and operators worldwide, operators are never far from someone else that is also flying them. Total orders for Airbus corporate jets stand at more than 170 aircraft, comprising more than 110 sales of the ACJ318, ACJ319 and ACJ320, plus over 60 VIP and government widebodies.

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