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Vibro-Air in cooperation with Arcus Executive Aviation in the very-light-jet segment

Vibro-Air in cooperation with Arcus Executive Aviation in the very-light-jet segment

Vibro-Air, the executive jet operator, provides two Phenom 100 for the Rhineland charter market in collaboration with Arcus Executive Aviation. “As the demand for very light jets like the Phenom 100 is very high, particularly in Dusseldorf and the surrounding areas, we have brought a dependable partner on board with Arcus Executive Aviation. It covers this demand with its two new Phenom 100”, explains Ammr Shaladi, director of Vibro-Air. “At the same time we would like to give our customers a foretaste of our Phenom 300, which we are expecting in the first quarter of 2014. Until that time, we hope to compensate for the excess demand with the very fast jets from Arcus Executive Aviation and expand our fleet availability in the long term” continues Shaladi. The Phenom 100 from the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer can fly up to four passengers in just one hour from, for instance, Dusseldorf to Geneva and carries plenty of luggage at the same time. “We are delighted that we have been able to acquire Vibro-Air as a strategic partner in North Rhine-Westphalia in order to position our much sought-after jets in an interesting market”, said Alejandro Tapia Haarmann, director at Arcus-Air. Both the executive jet operators intend to achieve further synergies in the future too.

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