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Embraer presents its new External Communications Director

Embraer presents its new External Communications Director

Embraer announced the promotion of Flavia Sekles, today, to the position of External Communications Director, succeeding Carlos Eduardo Camargo, who is now the head of the recently created Sustainability Department. Flavia will report to Jackson Schneider, the Company’s Vice President of Institutional Relations. Flavia Sekles has a journalism degree from Boston University, and has been with Embraer for four years, at the Company’s offices in Washington, D.C.., and, most recently, S?o Paulo, Brazil. She previously worked for important Brazilian periodicals, such as Veja magazine and Jornal do Brasil, and was Executive Director of the Brazilian Industries Coalition (BIC), which represents Brazilian companies in the North American market. “There are countless movements in the daily life of Embraer which represent innovations in all aspects of the business. Our objective, besides continuously showing the excellence of our products and our leading edge technology, is to set forth the characteristics that make Embraer a strategic Brazilian company and a model of sustainable development,” stated Jackson Schneider, upon welcoming the new Director.

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