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From Motorbike to BusinessJet

From Motorbike to BusinessJet

Honda goes airborne – 63 years after the founding of the company the world’s largest engine manufacturer extends his product range with aircraft. The first commercial airplane is the Advanced Light Business jet „HondaJet“. It is truly remarkable, when a world market leader commits itself clearly to a new business segment: Aiming at a market share of 15% in the world-wide „Light Jet“ class by 2017. Thus showing the determined commitment of Honda for the first genuine new developments within business jets for over 30 years. The Honda aircraft company CEO, Michimasa Fujino, hinted that the current model 420 HondaJet will mark only the beginning of a product family: „I would like to design and build one more airplane“. The present model – with the innovative over the wing engine mount - is Fujinos own design. For a long time Honda has had the vision of producing a commercial airplane, this dream now becomes reality. As a company focused on mobility the step to extend the product range from land (lawnmowers, scooters, motorcycles, cars), water (outboard motors, watercraft) and now into the air, makes sense. The determination is underlined by the investment of more than US$ 100 million into the infrastructure at the airport in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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