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JetFlite International reports Top Month in three years for Gulfstream GIV aircraft charter sales

JetFlite International reports Top Month in three years for Gulfstream GIV aircraft charter sales

JetFlite International (JFI) reports that charter demand for its Gulfstream GIV fleet during July 2011 was the highest monthly average over the past three years. “The flights were not solely international but rather a combination of domestic and international legs,” said Bill Cripe, JFI’s chief executive officer. “We had more than 50 hours of charter time on our GIVs.” The company also reported a five percent increase in charter volume through this July compared to the same period last year. "I see this growth continuing," said Carrie Simpson, JFI vice president sales and owner relations. "We can attribute our growth to a number of factors. We have increased our outside sales force and have a unique capability to operate internationally particularly to and from Moscow where we have an operational base. A company like ours is small and uniquely positioned to operate efficiently, effectively and quickly in today’s economic environment. “We also opened our new sales office in New York City. The northeast has always been strong for JFI but now is growing stronger. We have operating bases in three major hubs of aviation, New York, Moscow and California.” “JetFlite’s growth this year has been spurred by our international flights which account for more than 50 percent of our total aircraft charter business.” Last year JFI flew to more than 35 countries including Algeria, Brazil, Chile, China, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Israel, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Cripe said “JetFlite’s uncompromising commitment to safety is evident in our aircraft maintenance and operating procedures." "It is also the cornerstone for our strict measures and processes we adhere to in order to guarantee the safety of our charter passengers." JetFlite International has been a premiere provider on demand charter and aircraft management as well as aircraft sales and acquisitions for more than 20 years. JetFlite International was formerly known as Air Rutter International.

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