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FlightSafety celebrates the grand opening of its new flight simulation facility

FlightSafety celebrates the grand opening of its new flight simulation facility

FlightSafety International will celebrate the grand opening of its new flight simulation training system design, manufacturing and support facility in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on August 23, 2011. “FlightSafety’s new flight simulation training system design and manufacturing facility will enable us to further increase the efficiency of our manufacturing processes, augment our production capacity and enable us to provide our Learning Centers, Military and Airline Customers with the highest quality simulators and other advanced training devices required to support their training needs,” said Bruce Whitman, President & CEO. Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma; United States Senator James Inhofe; John Sullivan, United States House of Representatives; and Mike Lester, Mayor of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma are scheduled to speak at the opening of the new facility. “We appreciate the support and assistance the City of Broken Arrow, Broken Arrow’s Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce have agreed to provide. We are proud to have been a member of the Broken Arrow business community since 1978 and look forward to being a part of this growing area for many years to come,” said Rick Armstrong, Vice President, Simulation. The new state-of-the-art 375,000 square foot facility has 19 full flight simulator assembly positions. The building was designed in accordance with the Lean Manufacturing Flow process to ensure that the flight simulators and other advanced training devices the company builds are produced efficiently and with the high quality FlightSafety is recognized for the world over. The new facility includes a dedicated area for component manufacturing, final assembly, and shipping and receiving as well as sections for engineering, Customer service and logistics support as well as Teammate offices and service areas. The entire facility will be designed and built to conserve energy and to provide an efficient and productive work environment. FlightSafety has designed and manufactured 625 full flight simulators and over 100 other advanced training devices since 1978. They are used in the training FlightSafety provides to pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians, flight attendants and other aviation professionals at its Learning Centers. The company is also a leading supplier of aviation training devices to airlines, governments and military agencies around the world.

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