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MAKS 2011 to break all records

MAKS 2011 to break all records

Today, the town of Zhukovsky southeast of Moscow will host the opening ceremony of the 10th jubilee International Aviation & Space Salon, MAKS 2011. This year’s show is expected to be record-breaking in all aspects, with over 200 planes, helicopters and other airborne vehicles taking part. The audience will get a chance to watch most of them in flight. The aviation salon about to open outside of Moscow will be held from the 16th to 21st of August. Alongside the Farnborough and Le Bourget events, MAKS is steadily ranking among the world’s leading aviation forums. Russia’s fifth-generation multirole fighter - the advanced frontline aircraft system - will become the highlight of the performance to be demonstrated both on the ground and in the air. US Air Force aircraft, namely Boeing and Airbus, are also going to be featured in Zhukovsky, following a four-year break. People will be, among other things, allowed to take a closer look at the long-haul Boeing-787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft capable of carrying out non-stop flights over a distance of 15,000 kilometers with some 250-330 passengers on board, depending on the modification. Another product of the US aerospace industry, the world’s largest wide-body passenger aircraft Airbus A380, will conduct daily demonstration flights. The most outstanding among Russian novelties featured at the MAKS 2011 salon is the Antonov An-124 Ruslan, the largest serial transport aircraft in the world. Moreover, the flight program envisages performances of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 high-tech liner built in close international cooperation. As for the combat air force, Russian-made military helicopters and planes are in massive demand worldwide and highly competitive with their American and European analogues. Rosoboronexport, Russia’s state agency for exporting and importing defense-related technologies and services, will acquaint visitors with the best and most promising aircraft samples, according to the company’s official spokesman Vyacheslav Davidenko. "In the limelight we have the multi-purpose Sukhoi Su-35 fighter created with the use of fifth generation technologies. It has good export prospects, as well as the Mikoyan MiG-29. Many countries are also interested in purchasing the Yak-130 combat trainer aircraft. Mi-28NE combat helicopters incorporate the vast combat experience of their predecessor, the Mil Mi-24. And Kamov Ka-52A helicopters combine perfect flying properties and unparalleled maneuvering abilities," Vyacheslav Davidenko elaborates. Rosoboronexport’s pavilion houses an interactive exhibition center, with a widescreen monitor showing Russian aircraft - fighters, combat helicopters, the military-transport Mi-171Sh and the Mi-26T helicopters - in operation. Based on flight simulation technologies, the interactive complex provides an opportunity to imitate unique combat situations. An air show is not only a demonstration of cutting-edge machines, including those not revealed abroad for security reasons, but also a platform for establishing contacts and searching for new business partners. Experts estimated that the overall sum of contracts signed as part of the MAKS salon may reach $3 billion. The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), for one, plans to strike a deal on the delivery of some 100 civil airplanes, primarily the MS-21 and the Superjet 100. Russian air force technology is also traditionally attractive for potential customers, with the country’s share of global arms exports to account for more than a half this year. MAKS organizers expect the salon, featuring 800 companies from 40 countries, to be visited by over 600,000 people. The audience will watch an incredible flight program involving such renowned aerobatics teams as Russian Knights, Swifts, Falcons of Russia and Russ, as well as the Baltic Bees from Latvia. The Falcons of Russia will for the first time perform a couple of extremely dangerous but spectacular elements. The complexity of such a show is that air fights that in reality happen at high altitudes are imitated as close to the ground as possible. So air show visitors will surely get an unforgettable eyeful.

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