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Gulfstream sees strong growth in Brazil
Gulfstream sees strong growth in Brazil
The number of Gulfstream aircraft in Brazil more than doubled between 2009 and 2010, solidifying the Latin American country as one of strongest in the world for business aviation in general and Gulfstream aircraft in particular. Brazil’s Gulfstream fleet increased from 14 aircraft in 2009 to more than 30 today. More than one-third of those are large-cabin aircraft. “This increase in the in-service fleet reinforces the popularity of Gulfstream’s large-cabin, long-range products in the region,” said Roger Sperry, regional senior vice president, International Sales, Gulfstream. “As the country’s economy expands and international trade increases, we expect the demand for long- and ultra-long-range aircraft to grow. Gulfstream aircraft fit that profile.” Gulfstream sold its first new airplane in Brazil in 2002. Since then, its presence in the region has steadily grown, from 58 aircraft in Latin America in December 2006 to 146 at the end of June 2011, an increase of about 140 percent. The company has 32 aircraft operating in Brazil today, representing around 6 percent of the country’s business-jet market. Within the large-cabin category, Gulfstream accounts for approximately 30 percent of the installed fleet in Brazil and approximately 40 percent in Latin America. Gulfstream aircraft are ideally suited to the varied missions of the Brazilian market. Its mid- and super mid-size products, such as the G150, G200 and G280, can easily handle missions within Latin America and beyond. Gulfstream’s large-cabin, long-range products meet the requirements for international travel from Latin America. The G150 recently received type certificate validation from Brazil’s National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), which means Gulfstream operators can register the wide-cabin, high-speed G150 in the country. The G450, one of the most popular Gulfstream aircraft in Brazil, set a city-pair speed record between Savannah and S?o Paulo in 2010. The large-cabin, long-range aircraft completed the 3,922-nautical-mile flight in less than nine hours. The average cruise speed for the flight was Mach 0.80, with altitudes ranging from 41,000 to 45,000 feet. Due in part to the long-range capabilities of its aircraft, Gulfstream has seen its sales shift from 60 percent North American to 70 percent international since 2007, with much of the shift toward Brazil, Russia, India and China. To support this growing international customer base, Gulfstream has a worldwide service presence with 44 facilities on six continents, including the service centers of its sister company, Jet Aviation. Gulfstream has nearly $9 million in spare parts and materials stored with its consignment partner, Morro Vermelho T?xi A?reo LTDA, at Congonhas Airport in S?o Paulo and this inventory continues to grow. Worldwide, Gulfstream maintains a spare-parts inventory of $1.2 billion. Gulfstream has two authorized warranty line-service facilities in Latin America, Jet Aviation Brazil in Sorocaba and Aerovics, S.A. in Toluca, Mexico. Four Gulfstream field service representatives are also assigned to the region. The Sorocaba facility has recently expanded its support with a bonded warehouse and new repair station approvals for the GIV, G500 and G550. The Gulfstream Savannah service center as well as the Dallas service center, which supports business-jet operators in Latin America, recently earned approved maintenance organization (AMO) designation from Brazil. The authorization means that aircraft registered under Brazil’s ANAC can undergo maintenance, repairs, alterations and inspections at Gulfstream’s Dallas Love Field facility. It joins Gulfstream’s West Palm Beach, Fla., service center as ANAC-authorized facilities. “We are focused on strengthening the close and successful relationships we’ve established with our customers in Brazil and providing them with the industry-leading service they’ve come to expect from Gulfstream,” Sperry said. Gulfstream has routinely been named No. 1 in product support in surveys conducted by major industry trade publications.

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