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EASA Implementing Rules

EASA Implementing Rules

EASA Implementing Rules - Operations and Organisation Requirements will be the topic of a seminar which will be purposely held in Malta on the 14th 15th and 16th September. BizAv Services Ltd and AeroEx SA will be organising the seminar and bringing to Malta highly qualified and experienced instructors who will be delivering course material that meet EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. This seminar addresses the New EASA Rule Structure and & Future EASA Implementing Rules which are planned to be effective by April 2012. Management, Postholders and employees from local and European Operators and Authorities will be attending the three day seminar in Malta. Contents The seminar will outline the overall regulatory framework of the European (EASA) civil aviation and introduce the participants to the various regulatory bodies and the rules and laws made by them: 1. Introduction to international & European Organizations, their purpose & relationships (ICAO, EASA) 2. Overview of the new EASA regulatory framework 3. EASA Basic Regulation – (EC) 216/2008 4. EASA Implementing Rule Part Organization Requirements (OR) 5. EASA Implementing Rule Part Authority Requirements (AR) 6. EASA Cover Regulation Operations (OPS) - Part Non Commercial OPS (NCO) - Part Non Commercial with complex aircraft (NCC) - Part Commercial Air Transport (CAT) - Part Specialized Operations (SPO) - Part Specific Approvals (SPA) 7. EASA Cover Regulation Personnel Requirements - Part Flight Crew License (FCL) - Conversion of National License - License of Non EU States - Part Medical (MED) - Part Cabin Crew (CC) 8. ASA Cover Regulation Third Country Operators Requirement - Part Third Country Operator (TCO) 9. Assistance in understanding implementing rules (AMC, GM) 10. Operational Requirements for Commercial AirTransport (CAT) related to ICAO, EU, EASA and national legislation 11. Future EASA Part OPS 12. Future EASA Part Organization Requirements The standard fee per person for the three day seminar is ? 1,435 per person, however BizAv is willing to extend a 15% discount to organisations members of the MBAA or 10% discount to members of the EBAA.

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