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CAV displays FIKI, Float Combo Also G36 FIKI Bonanza

CAV displays FIKI, Float Combo Also G36 FIKI Bonanza

Aviators very seldom will be flying in ice one minute and landing on water the next, but at Oshkosh AirVenture 2011 CAV Aerospace is exhibiting a Cessna Caravan with the unique dual capability to do both. The Cessna Caravan is already a very talented turboprop. With floats it covers just about any amphibious mission, from fishing in forested mountain streams to landing in Gulf Stream waters. With the added capability of flight into known icing with the TKS ice protection system, the venerable turboprop with floats gains yet another dimension. Unique “I haven’t seen another like it,” says CAV Aerospace President Kevin Hawley. “It stands out even here at Oshkosh, a gathering known for one of a kind airplanes. We are delighted to be able to add to its capabilities even further with the addition of TKS flight into know icing.” The 2010 Caravan float-ice combo belongs to Aero Power Distributing, LLC, Ann Arbor Mich. It is also equipped with the G1000 Integrated Digital IFR Avionics Suite, GFC700 Digital 3 Axis A/P, and three 10.4" High Res Displays. Aero Power is the Cessna factory Authorized Sales Representative for the Caravan series aircraft in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Aero Power was founded in 1991 by Michael DeWitt as an organization specializing in Cessna Caravan sales. DeWitt spent was employed by Cessna Aircraft for 12 years, including 5 years in areas of Citation Avionics/Special Missions Purchasing and Citation Marketing, and another 7 years in Caravan international and domestic regional sales positions. He lived in the United Kingdom for 5 years and was responsible for Caravan sales in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, and North Africa. G36 FIKI, Too Also on static display at CAV Aerospace’s Oshkosh Exhibit 121-123 will be a G36 Bonanza with FIKI capabilities. The company recently received amended STC approval from the FAA to install the TKS FIKI protection system in Bonanza G36 s. “With more than 300 other Bonanza aircraft previously flying the TKS system, we have proven to many customers that TKS gives them added capability and peace of mind,” Hawley said. “Known ice protection through CAV’s TKS system boosts Bonanza G36 capability and gives owners additional peace of mind. Our system makes a classic high performance aircraft even more flexible.”

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