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Mediterranean Business Aviation Expo

Mediterranean Business Aviation Expo

Malata is determined to become a pivotal point in the Mediterranean region for business aviation. Given the turmoil which has engulfed the Maghreb countries, the islands strategic position as a bridge between mainland Europe and North Africa has for the ninth time come to the fore. Dr. Marco Ciliberti, a lawyer by profession, but an aviation buff with various interests in the sector, has now officially launched the Mediterranean Aviation Expo 2011 also known as MEDEX2011.The expo and conference is going to be held over a two day period, on September 19 and 20 this year. The whole event has been timed to be held on the eve of MALTAS International Air Show, which isvery well established with the aviation community at large. There are plans in place to significantly increase the civil aviation aspect of this air show organized on a voluntary basis by the Malta Aviation Society. MEDEX2011 has the aim of showcasing what Malta has to offer to the business aviation community .The two day event i9s aimed at owners, business jet management companies, charter and flight support entities, as well as those active in the consultancy sphere. Dr. Ciliberti is adamant that the first edition of MEDEX to be held in Malta will be a huge success. He has carefully tested the waters, before embarking on this venture. LAVEX in Libya and AVEX in Egypt are establishing themselves as major shows, with the number of exhibitors and delegates increasing with every event. However, with the political instability that has occurred, the organizers of these shows may have to go back to the drawing board. Attracting delegates and aircraft manufacturers would be no easy task for LAVEX and AVEX as things stand at the moment. Ciliberti sees this first MEDEX event as an important stop-gap measure that could make good for the vacuum that has ensued since the uprising in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt-three important power-houses in North Africa business aviation. Dr. Marco Ciliberti has his office in the capital of Malta, Valletta, amagnificent baroque city that was built in 1556 and is the hub of financial and legal institutions on the island. Brokers and all those involved in the industry attend primary aviation shows to make new contacts with clients, management companies, charter operators and those selling aircrafts. Ciliberti is aware that, at present, there are hardly any possibilities where North African and Sahel country clients can meet with the major forces within the business aviation sector. As he said:"We simply want to facilitate the whole process". Besides an array of top notch speakers, the MEDEX organizing team has created a number of signature networking events, to make sure the parties involved in any possible deal, have time to discuss and mingle. Rosanna Vassallo, who has ample experience in this field, has been tasked with organizing the networking events. Ciliberti personally hand-picked Rosanna for her natural flair in making any signature event she has been involved in, a resounding success. Together with Marco and Rosanna, MEDEX2011 has also recruited Joe Ciliberti, the current president of the Malta Aviation Society. Joe Ciliberti is known to be an unflustered and determined businessman, who has been involved successfully in anumber of enterprises both locally and abroad. He, together with others, have also painstakingly built from scratch the Malta International Air Show starting with the first edition in 1993. This is an event which the local authorities support whole-heartedly as it attracts a number of foreign visitors to come and have a close look at otherwise elusive aircraft. Joe Ciliberti will be focusing on the logistical aspect of the expo. The whole organizing team has got ambitious plans of expansion for MEDEX.The response they have had so far has been described by all those involved as "overwhelming". Marco Ciliberti explained:"The market exists. Malta has always been a destination that is well liked for its mix of history. Nightlife and the superb accommodation if offers." MEDEX has teamed up with leading hotel chain, Intercontinental, for the first Mediterranean Business Aviation Expo. The European Business Aviation Association, through the Malta Business Aviation Association, has been invited to set the tone as the themes and speakers have been chosen. Various business aviation operators have already given their approval and will be taking part in what has been described as a "must-attend event," for the munity, given the geo-political shift that has been taking place in the North African market and beyond.

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