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HyperMach Europe Aeronautics is proud to announce their plan to manufacture a new supersonic aircraft ‘SonicStar’ in Europe

HyperMach Europe Aeronautics is proud to announce their plan to manufacture a new supersonic aircraft ‘SonicStar’ in Europe

At a press conference yesterday Richard Lugg the Chairman of HyperMach launched a revolutionary new Supersonic Business Jet called SonicStar. HyperMach’s new supersonic aircraft SonicStar incorporates revolutionary aerodynamics and propulsion technology to overcome the environmental and economic challenges that have stopped the development of supersonic aircraft in the past. SonicStar will achieve the speed of Mach 3.5, while meeting requirements for high thrust to weight ratio engine designs, reduced emissions and the dramatic reduction of sonic boom overland. You’ll be able to fly supersonic from New York to Sydney in 5 hours with no sonic boom overland – changing the way in which the world does business... forever. Richard Lugg commented today ‘I’ve made it my life’s work to make this dream a reality. Now, in 2011, we have access to revolutionary engine technology, and a unique, very high speed aircraft design to make this kind of earth-shatteringly fast air travel possible. And we have a date: our plan is to build and fly the world’s first very high speed supersonic hybrid aircraft by June, 2021’ The propulsion system for SonicStar is a new Hybrid engine, S-MAGJET 4000X designed by HyperMach’s engine partner SonicBlue. It is over 30% more fuel efficient then the Rolls Royce 593 Engine in Concorde. This is record breaking technology for a supersonic engine design. The 54,700 thrust class S-MAGJET engine is optimized to fly the HyperMach SonicStar aircraft at 62,000 ft, at a specific fuel consumption below 1.05 at Mach 3.5, this performance will be unprecedented and will welcome in a new era of the future of aerospace transport. HyperMach are excited to announce that this amazing engine technology will be developed and built in the UK and are currently in discussions with potential engine partners for the manufacture of the engine. The UK Department of Trade and Industry have agreed to support the company in the UK, as we establish and grow the strategic Global Headquarters for the commercial engine development and manufacture of S-MAGJET 4000X. The UK’s Global Entrepreneur Programme is key to attracting some of the world’s most significant breakthrough technologies to the UK, creating the next generation of high growth sustainable global technology companies. Andrew Humphries, Dealmaker for the UK’s GEP programme said ‘We will be working with Richard Lugg and his company to explore ways for the SonicBlue engine, HyperMach and SonicStar to take advantage of the UK’s unique, global support infrastructure and network, which will help to establish the business as a dominant company in its field.’ For years, innovation in supersonic technology has been curbed by understandably stringent regulations on the level of aircraft noise permitted over land. But SonicStar uses innovative technology to allow control of aerodynamics leading to actively eliminating the problem of sonic boom at very high speeds. To make unprecedented travel times a reality, speed is, quite literally, of the essence. But with climate change a pressing global concern, HyperMach have put revolutionary green engine technology at the heart of SonicStar’s development. This next generation hybrid electric gas turbine engine which has been in development for seven years at SonicBlue provides the power generation capability to reduce jet emissions by 100%, increase thrust to weight ratio by 20% and reduce parts count in core engine components by 40%. The first flight of SonicStar is set for 2021 and HyperMach Europe has a number of investment opportunities available for individuals who wish to play a personal part in aviation history. HyperMach is seeking private investors interested in sharing this adventure. You can see a large scale model of HyperMach’s SonicStar aircraft at – Hall 4 Booth 172. HyperMach Europe Aeronautics HyperMach Aerospace Industries, Inc. came into being in 2008 in USA, bringing together some fo the most deeply experienced professional in the international aerospace community in pursuit of the shared goal of reolutionaizing high-speed air travel. Together, the team has developed an aircraft, SonicStar, capable of sustained supersonic flight at a speeds of Mach 3.5 SonicStar, tackles the combined requirements of speed, reduced emissions, off-design flight conditions and low overland noise, effectively ushering in a new dawn in aviation history. Working with a proven team of management experts, aeronautical and technology engieering teams and supported by meticulous business strategy. HyperMach is currently working to secure investment and create value in preparation for launch in 2021.

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