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Dassault Aviation website in synch with the Paris Air Show www.dassault-aviation.com

Dassault Aviation website in synch with the Paris Air Show www.dassault-aviation.com

From June 20 to 26, get live feed from the Paris Air Show-Le Bourget, the largest worldwide event dedicated to the aviation and space industry, at www.dassault-aviation.com, by downloading our iPhone application or join us on www.dassault-aviation.mobi. Flying the colors of the Paris Air Show The home page on Dassault Aviation’s website will be featuring a special look in honor of “Le Bourget’s” with direct access to dedicated air show content. Daily highlights 1. Breaking news, live, with full photo/video coverage, including VIP visits, flight demonstrations and more 2. Dassault Aviation Web TV and photo gallery 3. Daily newsletter with all the show highlights 4. Channels YouTube www.youtube.com/thedassaultaviation and Dailymotion www.dailymotion.com/Dassault-Aviation Real-time info 1. A widget with plenty of information so you don’t miss a thing 2. www.dassault-aviation.mobi, a mobile site to see show videos, news, press releases Entertainment and education 1. Spectacular online features such as a virtual showroom of our aircraft and an interactive map of our facilities 2. Networked game: many prizes to be won, and for the lucky one, a guided tour of the Dassault Aviation flight test center in Istres 3. A quiz to test your knowledge of Dassault Aviation

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Летно-технические характеристики, компоновки салонов, карты дальности полета из Москвы;

Эксклюзивные фото воздушных судов и VIP-интерьеров;

Ориентировочную стоимость авиатехники в 2016-2017 гг;