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ABS Jets and Avcon Jet announce joint subsidiary in the Ukraine

ABS Jets and Avcon Jet announce joint subsidiary in the Ukraine

ABS Jets of Prague and Avcon Jet of Vienna announce the creation of a joint partnership which will result in the opening of an Embraer line maintenance station at Kiev Borispol airport. The agreement will also cover warranty work on Embraer aircraft which is a big advantage to Eastern European Embarer Legacy owners as it will help them save costs and access easier and faster maintenance support. The Kiev maintenance station is perfectly located for the partner companies. Both ABS Jets and Avcon Jet operate large fleets of Embraer aircraft, additionally both companies are official Embraer sales representatives for their respective regions. The synergy between the two companies means that aircraft operators in Eastern Europe will have now have access to some of the best and most advanced facilities in the region. ABS Jets Chief Executive Officer, Vladimir Petak was a driving force in setting up this agreement, his view is that “Avcon Jet are a great company, I am extremely pleased that we have been able to create this partnership and to further expand our services into the Ukraine and beyond. I welcome our agreement with Avcon Jet and look forward to a very successful working relationship.” Daniel Holda, Technical Director at ABS Jets, is particularly pleased with the development of the facility in Kiev having taken a lead role in the preparations and discussions to drive the agreement forward. Mr Holda sees the Ukraine as “ An area with great potential and is an excellent location to become the third ABS Jets maintenance station after Prague and Bratislava.” Already looking to the future he says that “This agreement puts both companies in a much stronger position in terms of being able to deliver top class maintenance facilities. The next phase is to further develop the maintenance station to attract third party customers and develop a close working relationship with existing and new clients.” Avcon Jet CEO, Alexander Vagacs said “ABS Jets was a natural choice as a partner for us. With their close partnership with Embraer as well as our status as an Embraer sales representative it was an obvious choice. We also share common values; ABS Jets is as well as Avcon Jet very customer oriented and flexible when it comes to supporting our aircraft owners. In addition to that we have found new and good friends in many of the ABS Jet managers - and this is true added value in this business world.”

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