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ExecuJet Aviation Group launches Inflight Magazine
ExecuJet Aviation Group launches Inflight Magazine
The ExecuJet Aviation Group has announced that they will launch a new Inflight Magazine in September this year. The magazine will be produced three times a year in cooperation with the team behind the internationally acclaimed Jetgala Magazine, and will be showcased in ExecuJet FBOs and onboard ExecuJet managed aircraft. “ExecuJet has been looking at creating an Inflight Magazine for some time now, as we wanted to find a way of keeping our clients updated with the developments within the company in an appealing an informative manner” stated Niall Olver, CEO ExecuJet Aviation Group. “We appreciate that our clients are busy, so in this way they will be able to read about our latest developments and general industry matters alongside other lifestyle articles, whilst relaxing in the privacy of their aircraft, or in one of our FBOs.” The magazine will contain news of developments within the ExecuJet Aviation Group, with dedicated editorials from various ExecuJet regions. This prestigious title will also present a wide range of insightful features on aviation history, the latest developments in bespoke luxury fashion and lifestyle, along with exclusive getaways and interviews with leaders, celebrities and international luxury trendsetters. “We are delighted that ExecuJet has chosen to work with us on this project as we have a similar approach to business in that we are offering quality, style and luxury with a high regard to customer focus” stated Rainer Sigel Publisher, Oriental Media Group. “The ExecuJet magazine will have the same luxurious feel as the Jetgala Magazine, but will offer a more personal touch to ExecuJet’s clients.” The first ExecuJet magazine will be launched in collaboration with the September/ October edition of Jetgala. The ExecuJet Aviation Group The ExecuJet Aviation Group is a leading global business aviation organisation offering a diverse range of services including pre-owned and new aircraft sales, aircraft management for private and commercial registered aircraft, aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance, aircraft completions management and fixed base operations. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, ExecuJet has operations in six regions – Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, embracing a workforce of over 830 experienced staff. Oriental Media Group Oriental Media Group is a full-service, competent and resourceful media and events group, providing the international ultra-luxury and bespoke lifestyle industries with clearly focused marketing, branding, advertising and exhibition platforms. Headquartered in Singapore and Vietnam, its fast expanding line-up of publications and events targets the top tier of the world´s fastest-growing luxury market - the Asia Pacific region.

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