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Air Planner rebranded as Air Partner Ops24 now incorportes ACMI leasing solutions

Air Planner rebranded as Air Partner Ops24 now incorportes ACMI leasing solutions

Air Partner’s global flight support division Air Planner has been rebranded and renamed Air Partner Ops 24. This rebranding capitalises on the strength and secure financial stature of the Air Partner Group while eliminating confusion about Air Planner’s association with Air Partner. Peter Turner, Air Partner Operations Manager has spent the last year progressively strengthening and restructuring the 24/7 office-based operations team to ensure clients receive improved levels of efficiency and customer service. “This is the first time Air Partner has had a round-the-clock specialist operations team of this calibre,” said Peter Turner. “Following reorganisation, our portfolio of experience and skills, not least in languages, positions us perfectly to strengthen Air Partner’s performance across the full range of operational services. Air Partner Ops24 supports the Air Partner Group worldwide and competes at the highest level for business on the open market.” Concurrent with the name change, Air Partner’s ACMI wet lease service has now been incorporated into the Ops24 function. Wet leases generally last from one month to two years and involve the provision of an aircraft, its crew, maintenance services and insurance. Air Partner has had considerable success in the last year with urgent ACMI requests. Air Partner Ops24 offers a complete outsourced operations service for ad-hoc passenger and freight flights worldwide and has its own independent client base. Following recruitment of more aviation operations specialists, the team now provides an enhanced service 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The Ops24 division has three departments serving external and internal clients: Sub Charter and Leasing, Flight Planning and Flight Monitoring.

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