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Avinode BI News Celebrates its 100th Edition

Avinode BI News Celebrates its 100th Edition

We released the 100th edition of the Avinode Business Intelligence Newsletter. We hope this is the first of many milestones to come, and we’d like to thank all of our loyal readers for helping make Avinode BI such a success. A lot has happened since we sent out our first issue almost two years ago. We’ve seen a number of unprecedented international events, resulting in drastic changes to the market. Early on we watched as the global economy turned sending the charter industry reeling. This was followed by steep price decreases across the board. In 2010 everything changed again, first with the eruption of a largely unknown volcano in Iceland and then with the World Cup of Football. We watched as our demand index climbed to new heights repeatedly in the face of unprecedented global events. As the year drew to a close demand surprised us again, shattering all of our expectations to reach an all time high of 275 points. This year, too, has begun with a series of unprecedented events bringing into sharp focus regions not often discussed in the Avinode Business Intelligence News. We followed day by day as unrest spread in waves across North Africa and the Middle East toppling governments and upending regional demand statistics. Then as earthquakes rocked New Zealand and Japan and the charter industry stepped in to help offset evacuation demand, we saw further shifts in regional trends. We’ve also seen huge changes in the shape of the market in this period as new aircraft models establish their foothold and older models begin to fall away. This shift has been particularly dramatic with regards to the Citation Mustang and the Embraer Legacy. The Mustang has appeared on the horizon as something of a game changer in the Light Jet segment, quickly displacing the older Citation 1 and Citation 2 and bringing the whole segment back to prominence. Meanwhile the Legacy has quickly become a rising star in the Mid and Heavy Jet segments, coming from behind to pull market share from both classes. We look forward to following these sweeping market changes further as we head into our next hundred issues, and we hope that you will join us for what promised to be a very interesting journey.

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