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Dassault Falcon Extends Its Certified Practical Training Program to Falcon 900 and 2000 EASy Operators

Dassault Falcon Extends Its Certified Practical Training Program to Falcon 900 and 2000 EASy Operators

Dassault Falcon is rolling out its certified Practical Training Program for Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000 series business jets, with approval from the French Aviation Authority, DGAC. The program was originally launched in April of 2007 in support of the Falcon 7X entry-into-service and is certified under EASA Part 66 Regulations. The Technical Training Program targets technicians and mechanics and complements the theoretical training provided by Dassault training partners, CAE SimuFlite and Flight Safety International. According to Eloi Dufour, Director of Maintenance Training, by using real production aircraft and work cards, Dassault experts and technicians are putting trainees into very realistic working conditions for maintenance training. “This innovative approach means that the trainees are better prepared and more efficient when it comes to working on Falcon aircraft in the field. The specific benefits of this training approach are to have trainees face real-life maintenance tasks and trouble shooting on real aircraft,” said Dufour. “It is not just a ‘show and tell’ exercise. Each trainee performs the required tasks himself, working on a green aircraft (without interior fittings) which allows easier access to all of the aircraft components.” The Practical Training program takes place either at the Dassault assembly line in Merignac or at Istres, the Dassault Flight Test Center. Dassault trainers are highly qualified and very knowledgeable instructors with substantial knowledge of the aircraft. Each session has two instructors: a mechanic and an avionics specialist. The final two days of the ten-day training program are dedicated to aircraft run-up and engine testing. To date, more than 220 technicians from Dassault Authorized Service Centers and owner-operators have completed the program. “Dassault, as an aircraft manufacturer, is extremely focused on safety and we believe it is essential to have the best trained technicians in the field,” said Dufour. “So far, the feedback from trainees has been excellent, and we are now considering the option of starting a similar program in the US in 2012,” he concluded.

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