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Bombardier Enters into Strategic Alliance with Fokker Services to Strengthen Support for Dash 8/Q-Series 100/200/300 Aircraft

Bombardier Enters into Strategic Alliance with Fokker Services to Strengthen Support for Dash 8/Q-Series 100/200/300 Aircraft

Bombardier Aerospace announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Fokker Services for the launch of FLY, a new program aimed at improving the availability of components and reducing the cost of repairs for Dash 8/Q-Series 100/200/300 aircraft operators. The program will also help operators to better predict and budget for material maintenance. Fokker Services´ FLY program will offer operators guaranteed availability of serviceable components, a factor that will appreciably extend the longevity of out-of-production Dash 8/Q-Series 100/200/300 aircraft. The program also provides customized component repair and overhaul services on a cost-by-the-hour basis, allowing operators to better manage the life cycle cost of their aircraft. "Bombardier´s Dash 8/Q-Series aircraft program is one of the most successful regional airliner programs in history," said James Hoblyn, President, Customer Services & Specialized and Amphibious Aircraft, Bombardier Aerospace. "Our aircraft are operated by more than 100 airlines around the world, and the collaboration between Bombardier and Fokker Services for the FLY program is further proof of Bombardier´s commitment to providing its operators with comprehensive support for their aircraft long after production is discontinued." The service is modeled on Fokker Services´ well-established and highly successful ABACUS cost-by-the-hour program, which has been bringing cost predictability and parts availability to operators of post-production models for 17 years. Under the FLY program, Fokker Services will execute repairs on components and ensure the availability of parts through its large component exchange pool. "We look forward to applying the industry-leading out-of-production expertise of Fokker Services, garnered over many years, to extend the useful life of these robust and reliable Dash 8/Q-Series 100/200/300 aircraft," said Roland Van Dijk, President, Fokker Services. "With Bombardier´s support we can further develop the program to the benefit of customers." The collaboration with Fokker is one of a number of steps Bombardier is taking to enhance the operational value of its Dash 8/Q-Series 100/200/300 aircraft. In late 2009, Bombardier launched a life extension program to prolong the economic life of the Dash 8-100 turboprop to a target of 120,000 flight cycles from the original 80,000 flight cycles.

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