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Air Partner organises humanitarian flights for the DFID

Air Partner organises humanitarian flights for the DFID

International aviation provider Air Partner plc has been working closely with the British Government this week as it hopes to repatriate up to 6,000 displaced Egyptians who have flooded into Tunisia as a result of the political uprising in Libya. Air Partner has been busy organising charter flights from Djerba to Cairo using aircraft such as 165-seat MD83s and 280-seat Boeing 767s. Some of the aircraft are undertaking several rotations a day. The first three flights, which were arranged within 24 hours of receiving the call for assistance, departed on Wednesday (March 3) and more flights will be operated over the next few days. The operation forms part of Air Partner’s contract to undertake all passenger and freight air charter services for the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID). Earlier this week, Air Partner organised two DFID-chartered Boeing 747 freight charters which flew from Dubai to Djerba carrying a total of 191 tonnes of blankets and tents. These were for the makeshift camps set up in the safe haven of Tunisia for the thousands who have fled the Gaddafi regime. Air Partner Chief Executive Mark Briffa, said: “Air Partner is a specialist at planning and conducting evacuations as a result of political emergencies and our teams around the world have been working tirelessly for several weeks to rescue expatriate personnel.”

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