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Private Jet Charter registers 120 % growth in sales

Private Jet Charter registers 120 % growth in sales

Private Jet Charter, one of the world´s largest independent private jet charter brokers and consultants, said its operations registered a growth of 120 percent in January 2011, compared to January 2010. The company posted record revenue growth in the UAE, with charter flights increasing month on month throughout 2010. Mark Champion, FD, Private Jet Charter, said: “Our revenues saw an increase of 120 percent. Our finding is that more than 20 percent of Gulf businessmen have switched to charter jets, after giving up self-owned jets because of higher operating and maintenance costs.” The last week of January witnessed increased demand for charter jets everywhere, ranging from Egypt to different parts of the world, added Elie Abdo, Managing Partner, Middle East. Abdo added: “2011 looks very promising for our operations in the UAE. Throughout our 9 years in the Middle East region and 20 years in Europe, we have strengthened our market standing in the European and Gulf regions. As a result, we are considered one of the leading private jet charter businesses in the world.” Private Jet Charter caters to UAE high fliers, such as royal families, CEOs and top government officials who are looking for more convenient means of transport to key destinations all over the world.

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