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EUROCONTROL to launch ETS support facility in mid-February

EUROCONTROL to launch ETS support facility in mid-February

Following some delay by the political decision-making inside Eurocontrol, the ETS Support Facility will be launched around 14 February to aircraft operators and more specifically to small emitters wishing to report their emissions through the simplified monitoring procedure. According to the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) Directive aircraft operators must submit their 2010 emission reports to their competent authorities by 31 March 2011. The Eurocontrol ETS Support Facility will provide draft reports to small emitters plus the operator’s flight data for 2010. Please note that each operator will need to get those reports verified before sending them to their national competent authorities. Any small emitter wishing to obtain their draft 2010 emission report from the ETS Support Facility will have to register through an access webpage to be created when the facility is launched (you can monitor this at the following webpage: http://www.eurocontrol.int/environment/public/standard_page/small_emitters.html). Every aircraft operator will have to pay 400 Euro per year for the use of the ETS Support Facility. Please note that any service provider processing various aircraft operators will have to register separately for each operator, however Eurocontrol has promised to put in place group payments for these cases. Only credit card on-line payments will be accepted. The registration is quite straight-forward as it mainly requires each operator to submit a number of elements of the monitoring plan: date of issue, 3 email addresses included and delivery data. Following registration and payment, Eurocontrol will confirm the identity of the operator in coordination with competent authorities and with the operator itself if necessary. This is important as it will ensure the protection of Eurocontrol’s and the operators data. Once the above-mentioned process is completed, the operator will received via email from Eurocontrol a copy of the draft 2010 emission report and a copy of the 2010 flight data and great-circle-distance kilometers flown by the operator (the latter will help operators prepare the TK report if they chose to submit it). In 2012, operators will have direct access to the ETS Support Facility website and the possibility to download, comment or correct the draft report. For technical reasons due to the delay of the political approval this will not be possible for 2011. Operators should bear in mind that 2011 will be a transitional year in terms of ETS obligations as their only requirement for 2011 is to send the emission reports by 31 March 2011 (plus the TK report if the operator chooses to submit it). Please remember that these draft reports need to be verified before they are sent to the competent authorities by 31st March 2011. Please contact your national competent authorities if you need additional time.

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