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New light jet enters Central European business aviation market

New light jet enters Central European business aviation market

This week, Czech business jet operator Grossmann Jet Service responded to clients’ needs with the announcement of an enlarged fleet, the addition of the light jet Citation CJ2+. As the market picks up after the crisis period, demand for an aircraft such as this has been growing. The company currently operates three private jets out of Prague Ruzyne Airport: a Legacy 600, a Hawker 900XP and now the CJ2+. The CJ2+ is often called an owner-friendly aircraft, with its excellent landing and take-off capability, a comfortable cabin environment for up to eight passengers, and range of 2,987 km. "We have found a good market with travel agencies and therefore we decided to go for the CJ2+, instead of keeping the Citation Mustang, the smallest aircraft we had. Apart from the fact that the CJ2+ has better range than the Mustang for very short flights, the CJ2+ also has more capacity and a bathroom. The CJ2+ will definitely better serve our clients´ needs. Without refuelling you can go from Prague to Amman, or from Paris to St. Petersburg. The aircraft also has a very good fuel economy. The CJ2+ is single-pilot capable, however, to maximize passengers´ safety, there will be always two pilots," says Dagmar Grossmann, CEO of Grossmann Jet Service. The CJ2+ is a good choice, whether your trip is for business or for pleasure. Two baggage compartments assure that you can take skis, golf bags and other oversized sports equipment. This light jet is a cost effective alternative to business flights. "We are very optimistic about the potential of the CJ2+ for our company, as the CJ2+´s performance and its price makes the aircraft extremely competitive on the charter flights market," encloses Dagmar Grossmann, founder of Grossmann Jet Service. Today Grossmann Jet Service belongs among the leading Central European business jet operators, it has been active on the global market since 2004.

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