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EBAA Takes on Illegal Charter Flights

EBAA Takes on Illegal Charter Flights

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) has launched a campaign for operators, brokers and passengers to curtail illegal charter flight activity within Europe. Over the past year, EBAA has maintained a strong focus on the operation of illegal charters, and the Association is taking this forward into positive action in 2011 with the publication of “Is My Flight Legal. Ensure the Safety and Legality of the Business Aircraft you Charter”, a document which provides guidance to operators and brokers on the subject. “It is in the reputational and commercial interest of all in business aviation to ensure that the flights advertised and arranged are legally permissible and in compliance with the regulatory safety standards demanded of AOC holders,” stresses Brian Humphries, EBAA President and CEO. “EBAA has therefore compiled a document that clearly stipulates what activities fall within the realm of permissible flight activity within Europe, which do not. This electronic document is addressed to operators and brokers, and has been distributed to all EBAA Members. Furthermore, we encourage operators and brokers to forward copies of it to as many colleagues as they can to ensure the widest reach possible for this important campaign.” Additionally, EBAA has published a printed brochure entitled “Is My Flight Legal. Your Rights as a Business Aircraft Charter Passenger”, to help passengers and all non-specialist interested parties better understand the rules and the risk of non-compliance. The Association is urging operators, handlers and brokers to pass these out to their clients to ensure that passengers are aware of the hazards of booking illegal flights. “The vast majority of flights operated to, within and from the EU are operated in compliance with legal requirements. Nevertheless, there are some operators who unwisely choose to circumvent the system. The business aviation community must therefore do whatever it can to protect the welfare of passengers and ensure fair competition among operators,” states Humphries.

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