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ACJC signs with Snecma to offer full CFM56-5B engine support package
ACJC signs with Snecma to offer full CFM56-5B engine support package
Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC), the specialist in Airbus Corporate Jet VIP cabin completion and associated services, has signed an EngineLife® agreement with Snecma to propose full engine service support for CFM International CFM56-5B engines to its VIP, corporate and government customers. This full support for Airbus Corporate Jet engines includes Engine Condition Monitoring (ECM), shop visits, Foreign Object Damage (FOD) protection, Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) pool access and repair, and spare engine availability. The service will help to maintain the value of the aircraft, under a long term transferable contract. “We are proud of this long term partnership that is in line with the demand of ACJ customers who look for a single partner able to provide nose to tail support. ACJC and Snecma’s combined expertise offers Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) reliability and quality” says Benoit Defforge, CEO of Airbus Corporate Jet Centre. “Snecma is delighted by the signature of this partnership with ACJC. It is designed to answer ACJ operator demands, by proposing a dedicated team and support services package based on a flight hour rate to allow better planning for engine maintenance costs”, says Philippe Petitcolin, CEO of Snecma. Airbus Corporate Jet Centre signs with Snecma to offer full CFM56-5B engineFor ACJC customers, this solution simplifies their budgeting process, as well as giving them greater peace of mind. “This agreement means that we have reached our target of offering ACJ operators effective solutions,” says Fabio Beretta, ACJC’s head of Customer Support and Services. “It offers the most comprehensive engine-support solution adapted to the needs of VIP, corporate and government customers. Our VIP Pass package, dedicated to ACJ customers, is now totally operational with this new engine-support partnership”, he adds. VIP Pass VIP Pass, the innovative package of customised services recently launched by ACJC, provides a truly innovative solution in the business jet market. Specifically developed for executive, government, and private operators of Airbus Corporate Jet aircraft, VIP Pass includes cabin upgrades and refurbishment, airframe maintenance, cabin and airframe spares, as well as full engine support. VIP Pass is available for all Airbus corporate jets, confirming the ACJC team’s commitment to supporting every Airbus client’s aircraft throughout its life, and to maintaining its airframe and engines at the highest standard of quality and certification.

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