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Corporate jets will help to grow Chinese economy
Corporate jets will help to grow Chinese economy
Corporate jets have a long-demonstrated advantage in helping large companies become more profitable and grow their businesses and, as their use becomes more widespread in an increasingly business-jet friendly greater China , they will make a more and more important contribution to growing the country’s economy. Airbus corporate jets, derived from the world’s most modern airliner family, are well placed to be a key part of this growth, offering more comfort, space and productivity than traditional business jets. They already have a strong presence in China, with some 20 sales to date, and are also widespread in Asia-Pacific. “When a company uses a corporate jet, the productivity of its executives is multiplied, allowing them to manage the business more effectively - especially in today’s increasingly global economy, comments Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers, John Leahy. “Airbus corporate jets go further in delivering unmatched comfort, space and freedom of movement in a way that encourages business, and can also carry larger groups and be a sound investment,” he adds. Airbus forecasts a market for around five large corporate jets a year in Asia-Pacific - the majority of them in greater China – to replace existing aircraft and provide for growth. It is well placed to win at least half of this market because, with the world’s most modern and comprehensive corporate jet family, it can best serve most needs. Airbus’ corporate jet Family comprises the A318 Elite, Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) and A320 Prestige, which can fly nonstop within most of Asia, plus VIP versions of the widebody A330, A340, A350 and A380 with “nonstop to the world” range. It is well established worldwide, with more 160 sales to date. Chinese Airbus corporate jet customers and operators include Air China Business Jets, BAA Jet Management, China Sonangol, Beijing Capital Airlines (previously Deer Jet) and undisclosed. Airbus’ A318 Elite, ACJ and A320 Prestige have the widest cabins of any dedicated business jet, allowing customers greater choice in their cabin outfitting. The wider cabin allows a circular table that can seat six people, for example, facilitating business discussions as well as allowing more sociable dining and relaxation. In addition, the modern designs of Airbus corporate jets give customers many benefits that other business jets either lack, or demand a premium. These include the greater protection of fly-by-wire controls that are now the industry standard, simplified aircraft care through centralized maintenance, and extensive use of weight-saving new materials - such as carbonfibre - which save fuel and emissions. Airbus aircraft are thus the new top-end of the business jet market.

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