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Stratos close to engine, avionics decisions for personal jet

Stratos close to engine, avionics decisions for personal jet

Stratos Aircraft chief Alexander Craig says the company is in the final stages of selecting the avionics and engine providers for its Stratos 714 single-engined, five-seat personal jet. The $2 million aircraft is being designed by the Bend, Oregon-based start-up to cruise at 400kt (740km/h) and 41,000ft (12,500m) with a range of 2,780km (1,500nm) with NBAA instrument flight rules reserves. Engines will be provided by either Williams International with the 3,030lb-thrust (13kN) FJ44-3AP or by Pratt & Whitney Canada with a member of the 2,900-4,500lb-thrust PW500 family. Craig says there are three "finalists" vying for the avionics package. To date, the company has received "several orders and deposits" for the aircraft, says Craig, and early customers are being offered a price cap incentive whereby deposits are held in an interest bearing escrow account at Wells Fargo Bank. Those federally insured deposits can be withdrawn "at any time", he adds.

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