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Light Aircraft R&M Market Healthy, but Mercurial

Light Aircraft R&M Market Healthy, but Mercurial

In its new analysis entitled “The Market for Light Aircraft Retrofit & Modernization,” Forecast International estimates that nearly $1.7 billion will be spent on upgrades for fixed-wing aircraft weighing less than 70,000 pounds during the 2009-2018 period. As the electronics sector has stabilized after a spike fueled by FAA mandates, the market will be led by propulsion upgrades. “In the light aircraft market, emotion and personal preference play a much greater role than in other markets,” said Adam Feld, airborne R&M analyst and author of the report. “An operator may choose one aircraft over another purely due to taste, and a new aircraft is often preferable to an older one, even if modernization has bridged any gaps in performance.” With a new generation of very light aircraft entering the market – with some as cheap as $1.5 million – the retrofitting option is losing its cost advantage. Some of the more appealing electronics retrofits, such as Wide Area Augmentation Systems (WAAS), are relatively affordable, while others, like re-engining, can cost more than an entirely new aircraft. However, private operators are often more interested in maximizing their investment through performance upgrades rather than focusing on efficiency. Comfort can also be a priority, one that is rarely affordable in other markets, such as the military sector. Re-engining and refurbishment programs that include engine modification are also more popular in the light aircraft market. “While militaries and large carriers struggle to find funding for expensive fleet-wide re-engining efforts, a private individual or corporation may have an easier time fitting in a new engine or two,” said Feld. "Smaller fleets and cheaper engines can make the price easier to manage, even with a comparably smaller budget."

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