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Embraer Phenom 100 Jet on Asia-Pacific Flying Demo Tour

Embraer Phenom 100 Jet on Asia-Pacific Flying Demo Tour

Embraer will begin a flying demo tour of the entry level Phenom 100 executive jet in the Asia-Pacific region. The first stop is India, where the jet will visit seven cities in November: Delhi, Indore, Mumbai, Bangalore, Madurai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. After India, the Phenom 100 will be exhibited in Singapore and Australia. “Embraer is proud to showcase its successful entry level Phenom 100 in the Asia-Pacific region,” said José Eduardo Costas, Embraer Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Asia Pacific – Executive Jets. “In less than one year of operations, our Phenom 100 executive jet has shown itself to be a comfortable, reliable and versatile platform, and it is constantly being improved. I am sure that our customers in the region are benefiting from the jet’s characteristics and its growing support network.” The Phenom 100 deliveries began in December 2008. On September 30, 2009, the jet had logged more than 3,000 flight hours, with a total of 45 aircraft delivered, worldwide. Embraer has several important Phenom family customers in India. Among them are Aviators India Pvt. Ltd., the first client in the region, with two Phenom 100 jets; and Invision Projects Pvt. Ltd., which holds the largest order for Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 jets in India, at 20. To support the operations of the growing number of Phenom and Legacy 600 customers in the country, Embraer recently appointed Indamer Company Pvt. Ltd. as an authorized service center. Despite the aircraft’s high acceptance, Embraer continues working to improve the Phenom 100, in light of the challenges of a dynamic business jet market. Throughout 2009, Embraer has developed enhancements to increase passenger comfort and satisfaction. New and stylish seats were designed, offering ergonomically improved cushions and greater aisle width, due to retractable armrests. A new cabin divider offers passengers an optional solid lavatory door, substituting the curtains, increasing privacy, and helping reduce overall cabin noise levels. An enhanced In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system includes such features as XM radio, ambient sound system, the option for passengers to listen to Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications, an interface for portable media players, and a panel that allows cabin temperature control.

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