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Oriens Advisors launches in Europe providing business expertise to the light jet sector

Oriens Advisors launches in Europe providing business expertise to the light jet sector

Aviation consultancy Oriens Advisors is pioneering a fresh and innovative new service to the European business aviation market. The London, UK headquartered company aims to help European businesses operating in the light jet arena to achieve commercial success by offering a full range of advice and consultancy. "Too often new entrants in the very light jet market are focused on technical and operations matters, not how they are going to sell and market their services. This is crucial to their success and this is where Oriens sees its niche," said company founder Edwin Brenninkmeyer. Edwin is a former venture capitalist. Previously with Entrepreneurs Fund, he exclusively focused on VLJ investments. He is also on the board of LinearAir, a successful US air taxi operator. Oriens Advisors will specialise in an evolving sector of business aviation which embraces the new breed of efficient light jets, and entry level jets such as the Phenom 100 and Cessna Citation Mustang. Oriens also plans to work with related businesses and anticipates the client list will include not just operators, but also OEMs, airports, government, high net worth individual purchasers, FBOs and IT support businesses. "In my previous role I saw many VLJ start up business plans and realised they had many common strengths and weaknesses. In the aviation industry there are innumerable technical and regulatory hurdles to overcome. As a result most of the VLJ entrepreneurs tended to focus on areas that are not commercial and strategic. Our aim is to resolve the missing elements and support these businesses to leverage the broader value chain, so integrating them into the wider aviation market", says Brenninkmeyer. "This is hugely important for an operator´s long term survival." Oriens´ expertise will cover lobbying for funding; marketing strategy creation, diversification to generate cash flow; guidance on lobbying regulatory bodies, strategic analysis of green issues, to scrutinising infrastructure or implementation of IT. The company´s directors will work closely with its clients, either taking a seat on the board or working in-house, or advising on outsourcing of commercial functions such as HR, marketing or finance. Eyeing Central Europe With a European focus, Oriens is eyeing opportunities in Southern and Central/Eastern Europe where they identify a need for expanded low cost personal jet services. "There is a wealth of manufacturing in Eastern Europe, often located in remote and difficult to access areas. There are also a number of military airfields that can be utilised by light jets. We can see vast potential for expansion and are currently in discussions with a number of companies looking to develop in this area," comments Brenninkmeyer. Oriens is privately funded by Brenninkmeyer and two fellow directors Archie Garden and Michael Ricks. Garden hails from a financial services background with over 20 years of financial and IT experience having worked at Barclays and Standard Bank. Ricks is a former partner at Deloitte Consulting and KPMG Consulting and an expert on business strategy and revenue generation. Having strong existing relationships with airports and operators, and a wealth of experience in business plan generation, finance and IT, their joint experience positions Oriens well to support the European aviation market.

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