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EASA has certified Ka-32A11BC

EASA has certified Ka-32A11BC

EASA has certified the all-weather multi-role Ka-32A11BC helicopter for operation in EU countries. EASA is the civil aviation safety watchdog for the EU. It has issued type certificate EASA.IM.R.133 for the Ka-32A11BC that will allow any EU operator to commercially fly the Russian helicopter. The Ka-32A11BC is designed by Kamov, a company integrated into the Russian helicopter industry holding managed by Russian Helicopters, and is built by the Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, also part of the holding. The helicopter boasts trademark Kamov coaxial rotors and is fit for a variety of tasks including transportation of people and loads, high-rise construction, patrolling, and search & rescue operations. Before type certification by EASA, several Ka-32A11BCs were operated by EU countries for firefighting and mountain electric lines assembly pursuant to a Specific Airworthiness Specification. The EASA.IM.R.133 type certificate has opened the skies of EU states for the Ka-32A11BC lifting limitations for commercial operation by private European companies. Until now the Ka-32A11BC had been at the disposal of state institutions only. “Russian-made helicopters are a regular sight in the united European skies, but the European air legislation limits their operation. This is a barrier to our sales in the EU,” says Andrei Shibitov, CEO, Russian Helicopters. “Certification of the Ka-32A11BC by EASA offers new prospects to this multi-role helicopter that has already proven its high efficiency in many EU countries. We at Russian Helicopters sincerely welcome EASA’s move and hope that other Russian-made helicopters will be similarly appraised.” Various modifications of the Ka-32 are operated in Spain (10 helicopters), Portugal (6), Switzerland (1) and outside of Europe – in Canada, South Korea, Chile, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, China, Papua New Guinea, and other countries. The Korean fleet of Ka-32s exceeds 60 – these helicopters are top scorers in the Forestry Service (firefighting) and Coast Guard. After the September 11 attacks, the firefighting capabilities of the helicopter in high-rise buildings have sparked interest in US customers.

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