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Aircell Announces Expansion of High Speed Internet Product Line

Aircell Announces Expansion of High Speed Internet Product Line

Aircell, the world´s leading provider of airborne communications, announces its new ATG 5000 High Speed Internet unit for the business aviation market. The system delivers high speed Internet service via the Aircell® Network in an affordable and lightweight package. It was specifically designed for aircraft operators that don´t require the comprehensive capabilities of the Aircell Axxess® cabin system. The ATG 5000 joins Aircell´s diverse, global family of high speed data products. Aircell High Speed Internet is the only solution in business aviation that provides a true high speed Internet experience that equals what passengers are accustomed to on the ground, while being small and light enough to fit on virtually any business aircraft. It is up to 56 times faster than a traditional dial-up connection. With today´s announcement, Aircell now offers two equipment packages for business aircraft operators seeking Aircell High Speed Internet capabilities. 1. The ATG 5000 High Speed Internet unit (new). Provides standalone Aircell High Speed Internet capabilities for customers that don´t require the integrated voice, narrowband data and network neutral benefits of Aircell Axxess. The ATG 5000 can be easily added to any existing installation, saving downtime and reducing installation costs. The system´s combination of features, light weight and small antennas make it an excellent fit for light business jets and turboprops. 2. The ATG 4000 High Speed Internet unit + Aircell Axxess. The ATG 4000 is a modular add-on to the Aircell Axxess cabin system. This integrated communications suite provides Aircell High Speed Internet service via the Aircell Network, as well as multiple channels of worldwide voice and narrowband data service via the Iridium satellite network - in a network neutral package. The ATG 5000 announcement comes as the adoption and popularity of the Aircell High Speed Internet service continues to grow at a rapid rate in business aviation and on commercial airlines. John Wade, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Aircell, said, "Demand for Aircell High Speed Internet has been beyond expectations and we´re pleased to introduce our newest equipment option. Developed largely in response to customer feedback, the ATG 5000 is a very efficient installation for customers that want high speed Internet service aboard their aircraft on a standalone basis. In some cases, customers prefer to add high speed Internet service alongside their existing voice equipment - and in others, high speed Internet service is all they need. The new ATG 5000 is an ideal solution for those operators and we expect it to be extremely popular," concluded Wade. A complete ATG 5000-based High Speed Internet package is simple and extremely lightweight. It includes an ATG 5000 High Speed Internet LRU (11 lbs), two belly-mounted blade antennas (1.25 lbs each) and an optional cabin telecommunications router (4 lbs). Wired or wireless (Wi-Fi) in-cabin connection options are available. Full certification and first shipments of the new ATG 5000 unit are scheduled for December 2009. Aircell High Speed Internet allows passengers and crews to use their own Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones and PDAs, to surf the Web, send and receive e-mail with attachments, access their corporate Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and much more - all at full mobile broadband speeds in flight. The Aircell High Speed Internet system is powered by the Aircell® Network, which utilizes the latest 3G mobile wireless technology, operating in the continental U.S. over an advanced network of ground stations and Aircell´s exclusive broadband air-to-ground spectrum. In addition to the service´s popularity in the business aviation market, the commercial airline version - Gogo® Inflight Internet - has been selected by airlines representing more than half of the North American mainline market. The system is flying today with American Airlines, Virgin America, Delta Air Lines and AirTran Airways. It is coming soon to Northwest Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines and US Airways. In addition to the exclusive Aircell High Speed Internet system for the continental U.S., Aircell is offering its satellite-based SwiftBroadband solution for global service. Aircell´s SwiftBroadband product is powered by Thrane & Thrane.

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