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First Embraer 190 Jet is Delivered to the Brazilian Government

First Embraer 190 Jet is Delivered to the Brazilian Government

Embraer officially delivered the first EMBRAER 190 jet to the Brazilian Government, this Friday, in a ceremony held at the Brasilia’s Air Force Base in Brazil’s capital. The aircraft is especially configured for missions involving the President of the Republic and will be operated by the Special Transportation Group (Grupo de Transporte Especial – GTE) of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). The contract signed by Embraer and the Aeronautics Command (Comando da Aeronautica – COMAER), in June 2008, also includes a second aircraft of the same model. “At Embraer, we are very happy and proud to see the EMBRAER 190, a product that enjoys great commercial success, worldwide, painted in the colors of the Brazilian national flag, as a part of FAB’s Special Transportation Group, and serving the highest interests of the Brazilian Government,” said Orlando Jose Ferreira Neto, Embraer Executive Vice President, Defense Market. “As with many other projects that we have developed for the Brazilian Air Force, we are certain that these aircraft for the President and top-Government officials will perform important missions and strengthen even more our successful partnership with FAB.” In order to fully meet FAB specifications, the aircraft has a spacious and comfortable cabin, including space for meetings and a private area for the use of the President of the Republic. The jet also has a special safe communications system, and can carry up to 54 passengers and crew members. Its nonstop range from Brasilia reaches any destination in South America, and offers great operating flexibility. In support of the two EMBRAER 190s, the FAB signed a five-year Embraer Support Solutions for Governments (ESSG) contract. This program provides logistical support covering maintenance services, material support, specialized field engineers, and managing repairs and warranties. The partnership between Embraer and the FAB began 40 years ago and coincides with the Company’s creation. The FAB currently operates several transportation aircraft manufactured by Embraer, such as the ERJ 135, ERJ 145, Legacy 600, EMB 120 Brasilia, EMB 121 Xingu, and EMB 110 Bandeirante. Defense aircraft produced by the Company, like the Xavante, EMB 111 Bandeirante Patrulha, AMX, Tucano, and Super Tucano, as well as the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems operated by the Amazon Surveillance System (Sistema de Vigilencia da Amazonia – SIVAM), also belong to the FAB fleet. The modernization of the AMX and F-5 fleets, the latter manufactured by a U.S. company, are some of the activities currently carried out by Embraer to meet FAB’s needs.

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