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Jet Aviation adds Challenger and Embraer aircraft to its Asian management fleet

Jet Aviation adds Challenger and Embraer aircraft to its Asian management fleet

Jet Aviation announced during Asian Aerospace in Hong Kong that the company added two Challenger aircraft, a CL604 and CL605, and one Embraer Legacy to its aircraft management fleet in Asia. The aircraft will be based in Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand. These additions bring Jet Aviation´s management fleet in Asia to a total of 10 aircraft. The Challenger CL604 and CL605 will be fully managed by Jet Aviation while the company operates the Embraer Legacy under a flight support agreement. In the past few years, Jet Aviation has strengthened its position as one of the leading aircraft management companies in the Asia Pacific Rim by establishing an aircraft management and charter operation in Hong Kong in 2001. Jet Aviation offers aircraft owners and operators tailor-made aircraft management solutions, designed to suit their individual needs. The services include in-house international and domestic flight planning and scheduling, flight crew staffing, line operations and maintenance services as well as insurance, accounting and administrative services. Under a flight support agreement with Jet Aviation, flight departments and pilots can select support services best suited to meet their specific needs. They many choose one or a combination of available services including 24-hour worldwide dispatch, optional services for insurance and maintenance coordination, flight planning, weather services, over flight and landing permits and a host of other offerings. From its Hong Kong operation, Jet Aviation offers aircraft management, flight support, aircraft charter and maintenance services. The company currently has a staff of more than 40 professionals at its Hong Kong facility and manages 10 aircraft in the region. In Asia, Jet Aviation operates facilities in Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and provides maintenance, refurbishment, aircraft management, flight support and aircraft charter services.

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