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Eclipse Aviation Customers Organize

Eclipse Aviation Customers Organize

Customers of Eclipse Aviation announced on Wednesday that they have formed an Ad Hoc Customers Committee to represent the interests of owners and position holders as the company works its way through bankruptcy proceedings. Eclipse delivered 259 aircraft and took deposits in the estimated amount of $ 300 million for future deliveries before filing for Chapter 11 late last month. "Eclipse customers hold contracts under which Eclipse is obligated to provide warranty coverage, upgrades, uninstalled equipment, maintenance coverage, subscription services, and future aircraft deliveries," the group said in a news release. "In terms of dollar amount, customers are likely the largest constituency in Eclipse´s Chapter 11 case." The news release said the new committee will act for the common interests of all owners and position holders of both the Eclipse 500 twin jet and the Eclipse 400 single-engine jet. David Green, who is also the president of the Eclipse 500 Owners Club, was chosen as chair. "The Ad Hoc Customers Committee is funded by the owners and position holders in recognition that a unified voice is the most effective way to ensure that customers are fairly treated and that the Eclipse order book is preserved as one of the most valuable assets of Eclipse," Green said.

"Prospective purchasers of company assets must recognize that satisfied customers, many of whom have supported Eclipse for over eight years, can be the most effective marketing group for Eclipse aircraft," he added. "Finding a mutually beneficial outcome with the purchaser is our purpose; but all options are under consideration as we fulfill our mandate of protecting the interests of the customer group.

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