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Mexican Lear Crash Under Investigation

Mexican Lear Crash Under Investigation

Both pilots of a vintage Learjet 23 were killed and the aircraft destroyed last week when the airplane crashed into a lake while attempting to land at an airport near Tlaxcala, Mexico. A technical advisor from Bombardier Learjet is on scene to provide technical assistance to the Mexican investigators.

The aircraft, Serial No. 23-037, was operated by the Mexican government and carried the Mexican registration XC-LGD. The accident occurred Dec. 7 at approximately 1815 local time. According to a brief report by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, the aircraft was on final approach to an unlit day VFR airport when the accident occurred. Another source said the airplane was making a circling approach.

"The aircraft was observed to have a high rate of descent on short final and a witness stated he lost visual contact," the NTSB report said. Other witnesses at the airport boundary said the airplane crashed into a lake north of the airport.

Recovery efforts to remove the airplane from the lake were under way last week. The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the Mexican government.

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