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XOJET Unveils Cost Comparison Tool

XOJET Unveils Cost Comparison Tool

Private jet fliers wondering if they’ve been overpaying for jet travel have a new tool at their disposal. Private aviation company XOJET announced this week the debut of its proprietary Flight Program Analyzer.

This complimentary service enables private jet fliers to produce a custom report showing a detailed side-by-side cost comparison for any private jet travel option in the market today – from charter to membership cards to fractional ownership to buying a plane outright.

The Flight Program Analyzer draws from real world aircraft performance data from more than 2.4 million trips and actual pricing to compare every component of travel costs. "Many private jet travelers are surprised to learn that the average fractional customer pays 20 percent more than they think," said Peter Fuchs, XOJET’s Vice President Product Strategy. "XOJET´s Flight Program Analyzer quickly and easily allows buyers to look at their personal travel patterns, assess a wide range of variables and evaluate how these variables affect the overall cost of each solution. More than just a snapshot comparison of solutions, it’s a tool to help clients think strategically."

Fuchs noted, for example, that a faster aircraft might at first glance seem more costly... but, depending on the type and number of trips taken, could save significant time and expense.

The debut of the Flight Program Analyzer follows on the heels of the launch of XOJET´s Fleet Membership Program, which enables clients to create a customized solution that provides the best value for their specific travel profile.

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