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Embraer Phenom Wins Brazilian Certification

Embraer Phenom Wins Brazilian Certification

Embraer´s Phenom 100, Brazil´s first purpose-built business jet, won certification yesterday from Brazil´s ANAC, and the FAA says U.S. certification is "imminent."

FAA published special certification conditions in the Federal Register late last month and will receive comments until Dec. 29, but is not holding up certification waiting for them. Those special conditions, according to the FAA, resulted from the fact that the entry-level jet had some "novel or unusual design features" not envisioned in Part 23 involving aft-mounted engines, certain performance and flight characteristics, and operating limitations. The special conditions took effect when published Nov. 28. However, the agency said that it was "unlikely" that public comment would change the special conditions substantially, and since certification of the airplane "is imminent, the FAA has determined that prior public notice and comment are unnecessary and impractical."

"In 2005, we promised to design and build a revolutionary jet with premium comfort, outstanding performance, docile flying qualities, and a low operating cost," said Luis Carlos Affonso, Embraer Executive Vice President, Executive Jets. "We have relentlessly pursued these design goals and, now, I am thrilled to announce that the Phenom 100 has not only met all original specification targets, but has also surpassed several performance goals."

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