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Entrepreneur enjoys the freedom of Hawker 400XP back-up plan

Entrepreneur enjoys the freedom of Hawker 400XP back-up plan

German entrepreneur Karlheinz Koegel has a back-up plan to ensure business travel efficiency. "I own a Hawker 400XP and frequently fly for business but having a private jet card gives me greater flexibility. If my own aircraft is not available, I can simply call NetJets and have access to their fleet and the aircraft type that suits my needs. It makes perfect sense."

Koegel, Netjets´ 3,000th cardholder and ceo of holiday company L´tur, points out that the last minute holiday provider is represented in six countries across Europe. "My other business, Media Control, is a media and market research company based in 19 European countries. While travel is necessary for both, I find that, because Media Control is very human business, I need to motivate people personally to ensure we reach our business goals. This means I need the flexibility to move around at short notice and on my own schedule."

Koegel chose to acquire a Hawker 400XP, he says, primarily because of its price/performance ratio and economies of use. "However, with my NetJets PJC I have access to an entire fleet which means I can choose the aircraft that´s most appropriate for each individual trip."

A pilot himself, Koegel enjoys flying himself to business appointments. But: "In times when my aircraft is not available NetJets Europe offers the ideal bypass. I now have the freedom to book meetings where travel is required without worrying about my aircraft´s maintenance intervals, pilot training or aircraft range."

During the formative period of Media Control 30 years ago, Koegel flew a Cessna 172. "As the business flourished I upgraded to various aircraft ranging from a turboprop such as a King Air to a Beechjet, which I can also fly myself."

Now the tourism business flies 800,000 people on holiday every year and he says: "I´m lucky that my passion and profession have found each other."

Flights can be national or Europe-wide. Koegel believes the advantages of private aircraft is obvious. "I need to get to a number of airports that commercial carriers won´t fly to. It has been said more than a thousand times in different ways but it is the truth: the biggest privilege of a manager is flying privately. It´s not only the absence of crowded airports, delayed flights and bad connections that saves you time, it´s the flexibility. You are in complete control of when you fly - no adherence to airline schedules."

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