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Cirrus offers synthetic vision on SR-20

Cirrus offers synthetic vision on SR-20

Cirrus Design will offer its Garmin-based “Perspective” avionics system in SR-20 aircraft. Previously, the integrated avionics suite that includes synthetic vision was only available in high-end SR-22 aircraft. Cirrus also will add an infrared “enhanced vision” option in all its Perspective-equipped aircraft.

“Synthetic vision changes the way your mind thinks about flying,” said Cirrus co-founder Alan Klapmeier. “It vastly enhances situational awareness and improves safety. You know there’s a mountain on your right, so you don’t go there.”

A new SR-20 with Perspective will carry a retail price of $269,900--about half the price of a turbo-charged SR-22 with similar avionics. The SR-20s have the same fuselage and internal dimensions as SR-22s but carry smaller, normally aspirated engines rated at 200 horsepower instead of the 310 hp in SR-22s.

The SR-20 received its FAA certification 10 years ago, but faster, higher-flying SR-22s have dominated sales. About 80 percent of the more than 4,000 Cirrus aircraft sold to date have been SR-22s.

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