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Dassault Falcon Opens Spares Center

Dassault Falcon Opens Spares Center

San Jose, Calif. is the home of Dassault Falcon´s newest spares distribution center. A joint venture with UPS, the facility will stock more than $ 34 million in "high demand" parts by the end of this year. The company´s goal is to support the burgeoning base of Falcon operators on the Pacific Coast with same-day or overnight delivery or pickup of genuine replacements. Operators on the East Coast also should benefit by gaining overnight delivery of parts ordered as late as 10 p.m. EST.

Dassault Falcon has been adding spares centers at a steady pace and opened two new ones at Shanghai and Mumbai earlier this year. Other centers already are in place in Singapore, Sydney, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo and Dubai.

The company´s Little Rock, Ark., completion center recently opened a four-bay paint hangar, comprising 116,000 sq ft for a grand total in Little Rock of 897,000 sq ft. The addition represents a $ 20 million investment and includes areas for production and design, warehouse storage and a new flight line, Dassault says. The paint hangar is EPA Title V approved and features powerful filtration as well as a downdraft airflow to eliminate overspray.

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