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Eclipse Optimistic Despite Loss Of DayJet

Eclipse Optimistic Despite Loss Of DayJet

What will happen to the taxi service market now that DayJet is gone? Eclipse Aviation´s outlook is positive--even though its biggest customer for the Eclipse 500 very light jet shut its doors Sept. 19 because it could not arrange critical financing.

In a Sept. 20 statement, Eclipse credits the Boca Raton, Fla.-based DayJet with starting the air taxi revolution with its "per-seat, on-demand" jet service--and for demonstrating the growing demand for the new market.

"It is now a proven market," says Eclipse, adding that "other companies will look at the market to determine how the needs of the regional executive traveler can be realized."

DayJet attributes cessation of operations as a direct consequence of the inability to raise capital during a global financial crisis. But it adds that operations also suffered as a result of Eclipse Aviation´s "failure to install missing equipment or functionality or repair technical discrepancies in accordance with the terms of DayJet´s aircraft purchase contract."

Safety issues have clouded the Eclipse 500. The aircraft was involved in four incidents this year alone, the most serious occurring June 5, when an Eclipse 500 encountered a dual thrust control failure at Chicago-Midway Airport.

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