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Bombardier says no to Grob

Bombardier says no to Grob

Bombardier has canceled its agreement with bankrupt Grob Aerospace to build composite fuselage assemblies for its upcoming Learjet 85 business jet. This follows Grob’s suspension of its own plans to build its new SPn business jet.

At this time, it appears that Bombardier will now either build the Learjet 85 composite components itself or seek another contractor.

According to Grob, tooling and other assembly materials will soon be removed from the company’s German manufacturing site at the Tussenhausen-Mattsies in Bavaria. While a blow to Grob’s standing in aviation (it has been a manufacturer of high-performance sailplanes and motorgliders), the company still retains its strong ties to the automotive industry. Grob makes body parts and transmissions for both Volkswagen and Porsche.

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