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Pieper Splits Eclipse Into Three Divisions

Pieper Splits Eclipse Into Three Divisions

Roel Pieper, interim CEO of Eclipse Aviation, is creating three separate divisions to enhance operations.

Peg Billson, formerly COO of Eclipse Aviation has been reassigned as president and general manager of Eclipse Manufacturing division. On an equal level with Billson, Mike McConnell, previously Eclipse Aviation´s VP sales and marketing, has been appointed president and GM of the Eclipse Customer division. And Mark Borseth, chief financial officer, has been tapped to lead a new Process Improvement Teams division that will ensure operational excellence in the Manufacturing and Customer divisions.

A common support staff at Eclipse Aviation, including finance, legal, R & D and business development, among other functions, will assist the operating and process improvement divisions in adopting standardized processes. Sources close to the program told Aviation Week that the reorganization partly is intended to focus management scrutiny on each of the operating divisions so that their individual strengths and weaknesses may be identified.

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