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Sentient Split Complete

Sentient Split Complete

The Australian investment company Macquarie Opportunities Partners has finished the acquisition of the jet membership, retail charter and fuel management arms of Sentient Jet Holdings LLC, completing a split of Sentient that was announced two weeks ago. The new company will retain the Sentient brand and will be headed up by Steve Hankin, the former CEO of Sentient. Meanwhile, the parts left over will reform under the name JetDirect Aviation.

JetDirect includes the aircraft management, charter and FBO divisions. In a news release two weeks ago, CEO Gregory Campbell said splitting the company made sense for future growth of all arms of the diverse company. "Following a period of sustained and remarkable growth across all of our businesses, the Board of Managers and I concluded that the operating and capital structure of the jet membership, retail charter brokerage and fuel management programs was better suited as a separate, standalone company.

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