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Gulfstream To Announce G250 at NBAA Event

Gulfstream To Announce G250 at NBAA Event

Gulfstream will unveil the G250 at the NBAA annual meeting and convention in Orlando, Fla., which officially starts Oct. 6.

The G250 will be a clean-sheet super-midsize to large-cabin business aircraft, powered by Honeywell HTF7500-series turbofans and fitted with a downsized variant of the G550 wing. It will be capable of carrying eight passengers 3,600 n.m. at .80 Mach, according to prospective customers. The reported wing design also suggests it will able to fly 3,000+ n.m. at .85 Mach. The wing will have no leading-edge high-lift devices and it will be heated by engine bleed air for anti-ice protection. G250 will have a T-tail, similar to other US-designed Gulfstream jets. The cockpit will be equipped with Rockwell-Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics, featuring large-format AMLCD displays with synthetic vision. Gulfstream officials long have acknowledged that G200 (also known as the Galaxy and the Astra IV) offers passengers a comfortable cabin but falls short of traditional Gulfstream standards for runway, climb and cruise performance. G250, as well as offering more performance, will have a longer version of the G200´s cabin.

The G200 has a 125-cubic-foot capacity, unpressurized, aft external baggage compartment that isn´t accessible in flight because it´s located behind a fuselage fuel tank. All of the G250´s fuel, in contrast, will be carried in wet wing cells, thus there will be no fuselage fuel tank. This will enable G250´s baggage compartment to be an extension of the cabin pressure vessel, enabling it to be accessed in flight by means of a door in the rear of the lavatory. G250´s baggage compartment also is expected to be larger than that of G200.

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