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Gulfstream Opens New Research Facilities

Gulfstream Opens New Research Facilities

Gulfstream Aerospace says it plans to continue to be on the cutting edge of business aviation technology and opened a massive new research and development center in Savannah last week. Two buildings encompassing almost 200,000 square feet and will accommodate about 700 employees. "The addition of these two buildings to our growing campus will allow us to maintain our competitive edge in research and development," said Gulfstream President Joe Lombardo. "Our engineers, using the many technologically advanced laboratories located here, will continue to change the future trajectory of business aviation."

Gulfstream was behind some significant advances in business aviation, including enhanced and synthetic vision systems, the first all-glass cockpit and first in-flight wireless Internet system. It´s currently working on the G650, which has a top speed of Mach .925, which will make it the fasted civil aircraft in the air.

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